“Family law touches every single person. It requires an incredible balance of compassion, advocacy, knowledge, relationships and a real-world experience. An attorney must possess a general understanding of what clients are going through as people, just like you and me.”
Attorney Spencer Hecht

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Trust, discretion and a dogged willingness to get you the results you deserve are hallmarks of Hecht & Associates, LLC. Our patience, caring and attention to detail set us apart.

Our experience and understanding of divorce and family court law in Maryland and Washington, D.C., make us your ideal attorneys during this difficult time.

We Understand The Emotion That Is Part Of Every Family Law Matter

Family Law litigation is often emotional and the hardest point of your life. It is hard to see the big picture and make decisions during these times, but an experienced attorney can help. The attorneys at Hecht & Associates are trusted legal professionals who stand by your side and help ensure that you, your children, and your loved ones are properly represented and protected during any legal process.

“The ability of a family attorney to treat each case differently has tremendous value because not every case needs to be high-conflict or litigious. Identifying the disputed issues and problem-solving requires an open mind from the parties and a productive approach by the attorneys involved.”
Attorney Spencer Hecht

Words From Our Clients

“Spencer Hecht is a great advocate. His energy and practicality coupled with his knowledge of family law and the court processes are invaluable. The Hecht & Associates, LLC, staff is efficient while remaining personable and even kind. Spencer Hecht and his wonderful employees helped me obtain a divorce much more quickly than was possible with other representation.”

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