Relentless Representation For Your Family Law Challenges

We Put Our Principles Into Our Practice

There are many facets of family law, including, but not limited to, divorce, custody disputes, spousal support or alimony, child support, contempt, enforcement of marital settlement agreements, interpretation of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, guardianships for children, disabled and elders, protective orders involving domestic violence, third-party custody, and modifications to custody and support orders. Each of the above involves specific knowledge of the law, which is often nuanced. It is incredibly important for an attorney representing clients in family law matters to understand each and every facet because many times they overlap. Experience truly matters in family law cases.

Depth And Layers To The Law

Within each piece of family law are many layers that may or may not be applicable to a particular client’s case or representation. For instance, a divorce may involve custody of children, asset and debt division, use and possession of the marital home, attorney’s fees, the division of personal property and furnishings, business valuations, and the division of retirement and military benefits. A custody matter may involve a best interest attorney (guardian ad litem) who can advocate on behalf of the child(ren), custody evaluations when applicable, the involvement of mental health providers and psychological examinations, relocation, allegations of alienation by one or both parents, allegations of abuse or neglect, and an overall examination into the child(ren)’s best interests. A support case involves an understanding of the Maryland Child Support Guidelines, ascertaining the income of the parents, understanding the needs of the children, and all other factors that play a role in support agreements or decisions by the court. As most people understand, any one of these cases can be low-conflict or high-conflict. This typically depends on the litigants and their attorneys. As most people also understand, reaching agreements benefits everyone when possible.

When he started practicing law three decades ago, Spencer Hecht focused on becoming the best trial lawyer possible first then gravitating towards family law shortly thereafter. With the philosophy that everyone is entitled to the best possible legal representation, Spencer represented clients charged with serious criminal offenses, such as murder, manslaughter, robbery, drug-related offenses. A three-week espionage trial before a federal jury is also on Spencer’s resume involving the acquisition of top security clearance. Many other cases have also made their way into the news and they can be found within this site. Finding the courtroom to be his second home, while fine-tuning his presentation skills in front of juries and judges alike as a zealous advocate, Spencer matriculated to family law where he has been for over two decades. There is a general understanding that family law touches every single person and that handling family matters requires an incredible balance of compassion, advocacy, knowledge, relationships, real-world experience and a general understanding of what clients are going through as people just like you and me.

An Unparalleled Perspective

Representing men and women equally throughout the years has allowed Spencer to understand the perspective of the other spouse or parent and has proven invaluable to his approach to each individual case, especially those involving children. To be clear, a family lawyer must understand that children who are products of high-conflict divorce or litigation are at an inherent disadvantage. Understanding different approaches to insulating children from conflict and divorce altogether, while meeting their emotional and therapeutic needs along the way is critical. Maintaining relationships with third-party professionals who can assist children going through high conflict divorce is very important to our practice.

Much of the practice of family law involves educating your audience whether a judge or an attorney representing the other spouse or parent. Just like any other area of law, family law cases can be decided in two ways – an agreement can be reached between the parties, or a judge can decide the disputed issues. While an agreement is always preferred, it is not always possible. If the latter is true, it is imperative that a family lawyer is experienced and aggressive in issues relating to the exchange of information between parties and third parties. Utilizing the court’s subpoena power is also incredibly important in divorce cases when there is little-to-no trust between spouses.

The ability of a family attorney to treat each case differently has tremendous value because not every case needs to be high-conflict or litigious. In fact, identifying the disputed issues and problem-solving through mediation is a major part of our practice. Preparing clients for mediation, managing their expectations of the process, and fine-tuning an agreement following mediation can be a very effective form of dispute resolution. Of course, this requires an open mind from the parties and a productive approach by the attorneys involved.

After practicing for two litigation firms following law school, Spencer built a prominent boutique family law firm in downtown Montgomery County. Since the first day of solo practice to building the firm to new and unimaginable heights, Spencer continues to be intimately involved with each and every client that the firm represents. He is the primary trial attorney, the face of the franchise, and the one in the trenches with his clients. This will never change and the interplay between Spencer and his staff has proven to be a winning combination. He understands that there is nothing more important than protecting your family. He also understands that family matters don’t just happen during normal business hours, and that availability, responsiveness and guidance are needed at critical yet inopportune times.  Being able to rely on someone when you need them most for help and guidance is something that distinguishes Spencer from his counterparts.

While the saying, “you get what you pay for,” certainly rings true for attorneys and the laws firms representing you during the most important times, this does not mean that anyone must overpay for their presentation as is often the case in and around Montgomery County. Clients appreciate someone that they can trust to achieve their desired outcomes without overpaying. Successful results go a long way. With Spencer, you are getting a preeminent family law authority without being overbilled. Moreover, the firm utilizes cutting edge technology to communicate with its clients, educate its clients and enhance presentations to the court.