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How does one navigate dating after a Gray Divorce?

On Behalf of | May 10, 2021 | Divorce |

During these unprecedented times, it seems that every week brings the news of a new celebrity divorce. And, last week was no different as the news of Bill and Melinda Gates impending divorce was announced. However, what this “gray divorce” did that none of the other recent divorces have done is shine a light on grey divorces.

What is a gray divorce?

Essentially, it is any divorce that is between two older people, usually those aged 50 and above. Gray divorces have become increasingly common over he past few years, but their complicated nature has only increased as retirement, financial and real estate investment vehicles have become increasingly complicated. In addition, as those involved in a gray divorce have less time to earn money post-divorce for retirement, it only complicates their life after their gray divorce.

The grieving process

For those going through or that have gone through a gray divorce, there will be a grieving process. And, experts largely agree that divorcees should lean into it and not avoid it. Indeed, according to research, a healthy grieving time can be a year up to five years before entering into a new serious relationship.

Family and passions

The key is to find one’s passion and focus on what is important. If one has kids and grandkids, focus on them. Finding a hobby can help, but if one already has passions, focusing on those can be healthy too.

Dating apps

Dating apps have been a cultural phenomenon of the past few decades. But, for those that have gone through a gray divorce, most experts agree that dating apps should be avoided. Instead, divorcees should focus on their inner circle of friends and avoid dating people they do not know.

For Rockville, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., metro area residents thinking about divorce, this information is important because it shows that there is life post-gray divorce. Finding a fresh start is never too late, and calling an attorney can be the first step to that new life.