More Americans are getting divorced after decades of marriage

More Americans are getting divorced after decades of marriage

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Many of our readers in Maryland have probably seen news reports about the rise in the rate of divorce among older Americans. This statistical trend has given rise to a new term in the legal lexicon: “gray” divorce. This term typically refers to divorce cases that involve couples over the age of 50. However, as gray divorce becomes more common, there is still a lot of research occurring to determine why, exactly, these types of divorces are on the rise. One recent news report pointed to a subjective cause: personal fulfillment.

As couples grow older together, many will see their children grow into adults and, ultimately, leave to live on their own. This leaves couples with a so-called “empty nest.” And, as a result, the couple has more time together – just themselves – than they probably have had in decades. That may cause some people to examine their relationships more closely, analyzing whether or not they are still fulfilled with their spouse’s contribution to their lives.

The recent report pointed out that a shift toward seeking personal fulfillment can change the very nature of marriage. With a family started, kids grown and out of the house and a couple back to more one-on-one time, this shift can be dramatic.

Divorce as an option

At our law firm, we work with many Maryland residents who are analyzing their marriages to see if divorce needs to be considered as an option. No matter the cause, sometimes divorce eventually becomes the only option for some couples. For more information about how we attempt to help in these situations, please visit the divorce overview section of our law firm’s website.