Reasons 50-50 split custody doesn’t always work

Reasons 50-50 split custody doesn’t always work

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There are many different ways for divorced parents in Maryland to arrange a shared parenting plan. Many parents agree to a 50-50 custody split because it allows them to spend equal time with their children. However, a 50-50 split is not always in a child’s best interests. Here are a few reasons why 50-50 custody splits don’t always work.

#1: Parents don’t live near each other

Split child custody usually only works well when both parents live within the same school district. If parents live far apart from each other, the logistics of arranging a 50-50 split can simply be too complicated.

#2: One parent has long work hours

If one parent has to work long hours, split custody may not be as fair as you might think. For example, say a parent works 10-hour days during the week but has the weekends off. It may be more realistic for this parent to have custody on the weekends rather than an equal share of weekdays.

#3: The child is still breastfeeding

When a very young child is still breastfeeding with their mother, 50-50 split custody probably doesn’t make sense. In these cases, parents may be able to work out a 50-50 split custody arrangement later on when the child has stopped breastfeeding.

Custody agreements can always be modified

There is no custody agreement that is set in stone. Changing circumstances in the child’s life and the parents’ work schedules often require a modification of the custody order as a child grows older. If one parent had a larger share of custody time earlier in a child’s life, making a modification that favors the other parent may be a fair split.