How to proceed when your spouse wants a divorce

How to proceed when your spouse wants a divorce

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It can be devastating to hear that your spouse wants to get a divorce. This may be true even if you had been thinking about submitting a divorce petition to a Maryland judge yourself. However, you do have some level of control over what happens next.

You can ask your spouse to attend marriage counseling sessions

It’s not uncommon for a person to ask for a divorce because he or she is frustrated by a problem that may be fixed with better communication. In some cases, the lack of communication between partners is a problem that might be fixed with the help of a therapist. Of course, therapy generally only works if both parties to a marriage feel safe enough to truly open up to each other and work through whatever issues are plaguing the relationship.

You can start talking about a potential divorce settlement

As a general rule, an uncontested divorce is much easier than a contested one. This is because you have greater control over the structure of the final settlement, and it may be easier to shield your kids from the more toxic aspects of the marriage dissolution process. It’s not uncommon for settlement talks to be conducted in a mediator’s office.

Gather as much information as possible

If it looks like you’ll be getting a divorce in the near future, it’s in your best interest to start gathering documents relevant to your case. These documents may include tax returns, bank statements or other records that can help you establish what you might be entitled to in a final settlement.

A divorce can be one of the hardest events to go through as an adult. However, with careful planning, it may be possible to obtain the resources necessary to rebuild your life in a timely manner.