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Negotiating for alimony

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2021 | Family Law |

Maryland couples who have decided to part ways might need to negotiate alimony payments as part of their divorce process. Alimony, unlike child support, is not always depending on a set state formula, which can make it more challenging during settlement talks. However, your attitude and your preparation can help you achieve your goals.

Keep a positive attitude

Especially if your divorce is contentious, going into alimony negotiations angry and seeking revenge through monetary compensation can lead to even more problems. A positive attitude can help you have a more positive, open process and might also save you money since the negotiations might be resolved more promptly.

Prepare for the negotiations

Preparation is also important. You should not walk into the negotiations without first doing your homework about the process and about what you expect from life after the divorce. Things you should do before negotiations include:

  • Learning about state regulations regarding alimony
  • Having a clear understanding of your financial situation, including all assets and debts
  • Figuring out what your earnings could be after your divorce

Look towards the future

As you prepare for your alimony negotiations, you should also have a clear understanding of what your finances will look like after the divorce. Make a realistic budget, including all your expenses, and plan for emergencies that could happen. Once you have an idea of how much money you will need to live on after the divorce, you will be more prepared to negotiate for alimony payments. In many cases, alimony payments will have a set term, so your plan for the future should also focus on how to support yourself once the payments stop.

If you are doing well financially, you might be tempted to waive alimony altogether. Experts, however, recommend requesting even a small symbolic payment to keep the option of alimony open in case you need support in the future.