What are common reasons to get child custody modifications?

What are common reasons to get child custody modifications?

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Divorce gets complex when there are children involved. Child custody is a common issue in Rockville, Maryland, and the Washington D.C metro area. Parents can request a child custody modification with the court for many reasons.

Why parents need a modification

Child custody is set up in court when parents can’t agree. Courts won’t usually agree to change a child custody that works for all parties. The court worries about the best interest of the child, not the parents. A judge won’t disrupt a child’s well-being for a parent’s frivolous reason.

Child in danger

A common reason for a child custody modification is the immediate danger of the child. Domestic violence in the household is the main factor a court will check. The court checks to see if the child is in immediate danger. The child custody modification depends on whether the child is afraid of remaining with the parent.

Parent relocation

The court will consider a child custody modification for a parent moving away. Before deciding on a child custody modification, the court will look at the parent’s motivation to move. A custody modification can’t negatively affect a child’s education, after-school activities, friendships or religious upbringing. A court would check if the move makes the visitation schedule impossible, and the parents have come to a new agreement on their own.

Ignoring visitation

If the court sees a parent ignoring the visitation schedule, they may need a child custody modification. An uncooperative parent might trigger child custody modification. The court checks if the parents are still communicating. The court also looks into why a parent is not cooperating.

Parent death

The court will look into the other parent if the custodial parent dies. A court always wants a child with a parent rather than a third party after a parent’s death. A child with a third party adds stress to the child during an already stressful time. The court can put the child with a third party in specific circumstances. The child may wish to stay with the third party. The court looks at the distance the non-custodial parent lives and if they make enough money to provide for the child.

Divorce is complex when businesses and children are in the middle. There are many reasons for a child custody modification. Parents should talk to each other if a child custody arrangement isn’t working for any reason. A court shouldn’t be their first stop when dealing with custody. If there are only minor custody issues, mediation can be less time-consuming than court.