Divorce rates are higher when the wife is ill

Divorce rates are higher when the wife is ill

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Maryland couples normally get divorced when there are problems within the marriage such as irreconcilable differences. However, a study determined that some marriages end in divorce if the wife is seriously ill.

What is the study, and what does it reveal?

The study, which appeared in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, was conducted over a decade and examined around 2,700 marriages where one spouse was ill. It found that around one-third of the marriages ended in divorce when only the wife was ill. Meanwhile, the researchers discovered that husbands being sick had no effect on the marriages as those couples continued staying together.

Why do marriages end in divorce when the wife is sick?

Wives have long been known as the caretakers for their families. When a marriage ends in divorce because the wife is seriously ill, it insinuates that men are ill-equipped to provide the level of care that the woman needs.

The study has also shown that stress is a major factor in divorces that occur when the wife is ill. However, it’s also possible that the illness can bring any problems within the marriage to the forefront. One source of problems within a marriage due to illness could be financial. However, even if the wife doesn’t work outside of the home, she might be the one who normally takes care of all household duties. If the illness is serious, that might not be possible.

In many cases where a wife is seriously ill, she might be the one to initiate the divorce proceedings. While the study didn’t specify whether the husbands or wives wanted divorces, it’s fair to consider that the women who were ill were unhappy with the care, or lack thereof, that they got from their husbands.

Marriage is often difficult, but illness can make things more so. Divorce might be the only option for some.