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Social media and divorce worries

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2022 | Divorce |

Social media has many benefits for people wishing to keep others informed about things going on in their lives. Prudence might be wise when posting online, especially when going through divorce proceedings in Maryland. Although some may habitually post about their trials and tribulations on social media, posting information that could undermine divorce settlement or child custody negotiations may prove disastrous.

Social media causes problems for spouses

Surprisingly, social media use sometimes contributes to divorce. Spouses who spend too much time online might grow apart from their partners and experience other problems. Troubles may continue into divorce proceedings when a spouse engages in undisciplined behavior on a social media platform.

Social media platforms may have rules for conduct, but they are somewhat lax. If a member rants about another person, such posts will likely remain on the site. When someone posts scathing comments about a spouse and any settlement negotiation stumbling blocks, the person may regret what they wrote. Negative impressions from the posts could affect child custody decisions and visitation rights.

Taking about specific aspects of the proceedings could cause significant problems. Not discussing anything related to the divorce may be a far better approach than airing complaints o an online public forum.

Potentially better ways to engage on social media

Reducing social media activities might be the right plan when hoping to avoid potential issues during the divorce proceedings. Being more careful when making comments or sharing posts could help, too. Perhaps avoiding social media until the divorce concludes would be best for some.

Social media platforms often provide ways to enhance privacy. Limiting the visibility of posts to friends only or excluding some friends from seeing posts could be helpful. That said, not posting anything negative or too personal might be wise regardless of privacy or security setting options.