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Sole or joint custody: which is best for the children?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2023 | Child Custody |

During a divorce, estranged Maryland parents of small children will go through the process of working out child custody. In many cases, joint custody will be awarded, and parents will create a schedule that divides parenting time roughly equally. However, this is not always the best fit for all families.

The benefits of joint custody

When parents choose or are awarded joint custody by a judge, this allows the children equal time with both parents so they can continue developing their bond. Inversely, this also provides equal alone time to each parent and allows them to rebuild their individual, single life after divorce. If the parents can work well together, a joint custody schedule can be beneficial for the whole family. However, if the conflicts that led to the divorce are not worked out and the parents continue to struggle to collaborate in raising their children, sole custody might be the best fit for the family.

The benefits of sole custody

Some families might find that sole custody, where the children live with one parent full time while the other parent has frequent visitation, might be the better option for them. Some of the benefits of sole custody for families include:

  • A primary, physical, stable home that minimizes changes to the children’s routines
  • A safe, supportive space for the children if the parent with sole custody is the parent who is considered the care-giving parent
  • The opportunity for the children to continue developing their relationship with the other parent if that parent continues with frequent visitation
  • Less exposure for the children to parental conflict as one parent will be primarily responsible for the decisions that affect the children

Figuring out the right custody can help parents continue with their goal of raising emotionally stable, happy children. Explore your options to help you make the right decision for your family.