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About Stocks And Investments In Your Divorce

Addressing stocks, bonds and other investment assets during a divorce can quickly become complex. Our firm, with a history of over two decades in Rockville, Maryland, has cultivated a reputation for helping clients manage the details of family law and financial division.

At Hecht & Associates, we understand the processes of valuation and dividing these types of assets, especially when they form a significant part of our clients’ compensation packages.

Valuation And Division: A Strategic Approach

Determining the nature of financial assets and how to divide them during a divorce brings up questions such as the following:

  • Are the stocks, stock options, or other investments classified as marital or separate property?
  • Are these assets vested, and if so, how does that influence their division?
  • What is the most accurate method of valuation for these assets?
  • How will the division of these assets impact tax consequences, including potential capital gains tax?
  • Can these assets be categorized as income, assets, or both, and how will this classification affect property division, spousal support and child support?

With more than 20 years of experience, attorney Spencer Hecht leads our dedicated legal team while we help clients address these and other property division issues in their Maryland divorces.

Analyzing Every Angle Of Property Division

Our attorneys are aggressive in protecting our clients’ rights and are willing to fight for what is fair for them, whether in negotiation settings or in the courtroom. To ensure a just division of investments, we must consider:

  • The division of vested assets based on past service or anticipated future performance.
  • The implications of transferring investments to a nonemployee spouse.
  • The potential necessity of setting up trusts to manage complex financial arrangements.
  • The valuation of investments uses different methods, such as intrinsic value or the Black-Scholes model, and leverages these valuations in negotiations.

We advise our clients on the benefits of settling disputes outside of court when possible. By gathering facts and using compelling argumentation, we achieve many positive outcomes for clients.

Make A Commitment To Your Future

While Hecht & Associates does not provide investment advice, our firm is dedicated to the protection and advocacy of our clients’ interests throughout the divorce process. We aim to help our clients obtain fair settlements that acknowledge the full scope of each spouse’s financial contributions and future needs.

If you face the challenge of dividing complex financial assets in a divorce, remember that you do not have to navigate these waters alone. Contact Hecht & Associates, LLC, today at 301-861-4797 or email us to discuss how we can assist you in safeguarding your financial future.