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Divorce Involving Chronic Illness: What Maryland Couples Should Know

A chronic illness can disrupt married life in many ways. Chronic illness also commonly leads to divorce, further complicating a difficult situation.

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Chronic Illness And Marriage Are A Difficult Combination

When one spouse suffers a persistent medical condition or is terminally ill, it can strain even close relationships and worsen pre-existing marital issues.

Not everyone can step gracefully into this role, and they may have trouble coping with how life changes with a chronically ill spouse. In some cases, spousal abandonment by the healthy partner is also a risk.

Are Couples More Likely To Divorce When The Wife Gets Sick?

Recent research reveals that 31 percent of marriages involving a sick partner end in divorce, with risk increasing when the wife becomes ill. Factors like the nature of the illness, pre-existing marriage quality and available support systems for the couple can all play a role.

Can A Cancer Diagnosis Lead To Divorce?

In an analysis of 13,929 records across 15 studies, researchers discovered that, on the whole, cancer was linked to a slightly decreased divorce rate. However, an exception emerged, indicating that divorce rates during cancer of the cervix are generally higher than with other cancers.

Filing For Divorce When A Spouse Has A Chronic Illness Is A Delicate Dance

Divorce is already a complicated process of addressing financial and child-related matters. An illness muddies the water further for both spouses and can significantly impact the court’s marital property and spousal support decisions. For example, the ill spouse may qualify for a greater share of assets, especially if abandoned by their partner.

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