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Divorce For Medical Professionals

Your job as a doctor, dentist, chiropractor or other medical professional is likely stressful enough; getting a divorce may only add to your stress. A divorce could greatly impact your profession. You may not know how long your divorce will take. And, you also may not know what you will retain from the divorce. Owning your business can lead to a high net worth divorce with major financial implications.

At Hecht & Associates, LLC in Rockville, our attorney will work with you to understand what you want from a divorce. We are experienced and skilled in timely divorce negotiations. We want to help ensure your profession is protected from a divorce. When you have us by your side, you will not feel uncertain about a divorce settlement.

Settlement Considerations For Your Medical Practice

As a medical professional, you want to protect your financial interests to ensure you continue practicing after your divorce. Maryland divides assets through equitable distribution, which intends to make marital property division fair, not necessarily equal. Absent a marital agreement that carves out an exception, you may be required to buy out your spouse’s share of your practice.

Some of the most common issues that have to be addressed when one spouse owns a medical practice are:

  • Proper valuation of the business, especially when that is in dispute
  • Income discrepancies that can affect spousal support and child support
  • Tax implications, since the transfer of ownership interests or assets can trigger capital gains taxes and other liabilities that have to be considered

Navigating these challenges requires careful planning, negotiation, and potentially the assistance of legal and financial professionals.

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A high net worth divorce can lead to many complications. It is important to consider every detail to ensure your profession is protected – and you need a lawyer you can trust. There is no substitute for an experienced attorney when the stakes are high.

We will aggressively fight on your behalf to reach an agreement you are happy with. You can seek representation with our divorce attorney at Hecht & Associates, LLC, by contacting our offices at 301-861-4797 or via email today.