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Working Toward An Equitable Settlement

Marriage is a legal contract that takes years and sometimes decades to develop and build. Ending that contract requires a court of law to settle custody disputes, determine whether spousal support is warranted and divide marital property equitably.

The divorce legal process can take months in Maryland and Washington, D.C. While the process moves through the courts, protecting your rights and interests with a sound legal separation agreement makes sense.

At Hecht & Associates, LLC, we understand the importance of working with your spouse’s attorney, if possible, to negotiate an agreement that is equitable and takes into account the realities of both party’s needs and concerns.

Are Settlement Agreements The Final Divorce Agreement?

We start the separation agreement process by focusing on the desired outcome when the divorce is final. We gather (or subpoena) financial records and other documents to determine the financial positions of each party. We also take into account disputed custody issues that may arise and work toward resolving them without a battle, using skillful negotiations and mediation.

What we hope and expect to achieve is a working separation agreement that is close to what our clients hope to achieve on a permanent basis, although there are often issues that need to be tweaked during the separation period.

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If you are considering divorce in Maryland or the District of Columbia, or you have already been served papers for divorce, talk to us about protecting your rights and interests from the start.

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