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At Hecht & Associates, LLC, we take pride in the fact that we offer Maryland residents with the reliable divorce and family law services that they require. From couples seeking a military divorce to individuals hoping to modify their existing divorce orders, we are able to provide favorable results by effectively advocating for our clients in court.

While we can provide you with additional information about the services we provide and the results that we have achieved in the past, we feel it’s best to let our clients do the talking. These testimonials will provide you with the confidence you need to hire our experienced divorce attorneys for your family law matters.

Spencer Hecht is a great advocate. His energy and practicality coupled with his knowledge of family law and the court processes are invaluable. The Hecht and Associates staff is efficient while remaining personable and even kind. Spencer Hecht and his wonderful employees helped me obtain a divorce much more quickly than was possible with other representation.
“Spencer Hecht & Associates are about their business!!! I highly recommend this firm to anyone that is in need of legal family services. They are were professional, responsive, and readily available to address any questions I had no matter the day or hour. I went through a painful yet unnecessary custody battle with my ex-husband and the services I was provided was worth every penny! Thank you, Mr. Hecht, and your team for all your help and the exceptional support you all provided.”
“I HIGHLY recommend Hecht & Associates. You will not find another law firm as supportive, knowledgeable, and sincere to represent you. These are critical components for strong representation in such sensitive matters and I felt a huge relief after meeting Mr. Hecht and am extremely happy with his service.”
“Mr. Hecht helped me fighting for my children’s custody using his professional knowledge, excellent skills, and more important with his firm confidence. My case was about taking back custody of my children from ex and it was really a crappy nasty case which made me crashed for many years. Mr. Hecht and his team were working on it shortly and resolved the accumulated problems one by one amazingly. This really moved the heavy stone and nightmare from me and my children. I really appreciate and highly recommend Mr. Hecht and his team!!”
“After 8 months of a failed marriage and a newborn daughter, I reached out to Hecht & Associates for sole legal and physical custody, along with child support. Our challenge was dealing with a Defendant who pursued joint custody, attempted to withhold income, and provided inadequate responses throughout discovery. The discovery method used by this firm was extremely thorough and enabled me to enjoy the performance during trial. Not only was Spencer Hecht and Jonathan Stepanuk prepared with organized exhibits from discovery, but they also demonstrated expertise by analyzing questionable income and expenses presented by my former spouse. The Judge was able to quickly ascertain inconsistencies based on Spencer’s pointed questions when cross-examining the Defendant. Spencer calmly presented income and expenses (line-by-line), as the Defendant and opposing counsel failed miserably with their explanations. In summary, this firm did a fantastic job negotiating the outcome on my behalf. I received exactly what I paid for — outstanding representation and a WIN!”
“I first spoke with Spencer Hecht during one of the most difficult times of my life. I contacted his firm only days before my custody hearing, yet Mr. Hecht did not hesitate to take on my case despite the very short notice. At the time, I was unsatisfied with my current representation and needed an aggressive attorney to attend an expedited hearing with me to regain custody of my child. Mr. Hecht was understanding and reassuring as I explained the details of my complex custody situation. He was knowledgeable about child custody and responded to my phone calls and emails promptly. After retaining Hecht & Associates, Spencer immediately paired me with a senior litigator of the firm to begin preparing for my case. He drafted a letter on my behalf to my former council and as a result, I received a complete refund of the retainer I provided to this attorney. My experience with Mr. Hecht was nothing but positive and exceeded my expectations. Though he did not represent me personally, he made certain that my case received the immediate attention that was needed. I was represented by another professional, knowledgeable, aggressive member of his team that arrived at court confident and well prepared and I am thrilled to say that I was awarded Primary custody of my child! Every employee of the firm that I interacted with was not only professional but helpful and I highly recommend Spencer Hecht of Hecht & Associate Law Firm to anyone seeking representation in a child custody matter. Their level of commitment and expertise exceeded my expectation. My child is now at home with me, and I could not be happier with the outcome.
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