Can you forgo child support in Maryland?

Can you forgo child support in Maryland?

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It’s not uncommon for child support to be a tense subject between parents seeking a divorce in Maryland or the Washington, D.C. area. Generally, the topic of child support is considered a natural part of divorce, and it comes up when discussing the best interest of the children.

Just because child support is a normal part of divorce doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. There are many reasons that parents might want to forgo child support agreements altogether.

Why forgo child support

Child support exists to help the parent with primary custody with the costs of raising their child (or children). It’s to pay for things like food, hospital bills, and any other expenses related to child rearing.

Child support ensures that the parent without primary custody can’t abandon one parent with the cost of raising their children. But if the divorce is amicable and both parents are equally involved in their children’s lives, they might not see the need for a court-mandated child support agreement.

Can you agree to no-child support agreements?

Most states require some form of child support agreement after a divorce. If the parent with primary custody doesn’t need the extra support, they can work with the court to waive child support for the non-custodial parent.

There must be a reason for the waiver, and the court will still monitor the non-custodial parent’s finances. In states where it is legal, you and your spouse can sign a no-child support agreement. The couple must state why child support isn’t necessary in the agreement. The agreement also must be notarized by a public notary.

Things to consider when pursuing no-child support

Signing a no-child support agreement can have serious implications. It may be difficult to get child support in the future if you have signed a no-child support agreement in the past. That’s why many jurisdictions legally require child support agreements, regardless of the parent’s feelings about it.

Before forgoing child support, consider the pros and cons. It may help to talk with a lawyer for perspective.