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Relocation Petitions Through The Court

One of the most contentious issues that can arise after a divorce is when a custodial parent wants to move out of the other parent’s city with the child.

Relocation Petitions Often Come Down To The Child’s Best Interests

A relocation case doesn’t have to be contentious. Most people know that these cases can be low-conflict or high-conflict. This often comes down to how well the parents are prepared and informed about the law and the best interests of the child. As most people understand, reaching agreements benefits everyone, and that is what Hecht & Associates focuses on first and foremost.

Whether you are the custodial parent seeking to relocate or the parent without physical custody but with parenting rights, it is important to obtain experienced legal representation to protect your rights through the courts. Hecht & Associates, LLC, has extensive experience with relocation petitions in Maryland and Washington, D.C., courts.

Why The Court Needs To Approve A Relocation

Divorce custody orders typically include parenting rights for both parents. Relocation has a significant impact on the child custody arrangement and visitation schedule, so it is incredibly important to work with an experienced divorce attorney during this process.

A qualified attorney can help with relocation petitions in several different circumstances, including:

  • Working with you and advocating on your behalf in order to prevent your former spouse from relocating your child to another state or country
  • Working with you and advocating on your behalf in order to receive a relocation petition so that you can further your career or pursue a better life in a different state or country

No Matter Which Side Of The Move-Away You Are On, Get Legal Help

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