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Child Custody Solutions That Work

Child custody is often one of the most contentious issues between divorcing spouses. Either one spouse or both may dig in their heels and create problems that ultimately will most impact the child or children involved.

Under Maryland and Washington, D.C., law, both parents have rights and obligations. But getting to the best arrangement to protect those rights often takes an experienced attorney to see through the frustrations.

“Representing men and women equally throughout the years has helped me understand the perspective of both spouses and parents. This experience has proved invaluable to my approach to each individual case, especially those involving children.”

If child custody will be an important factor in your divorce, or if you are involved in a custodial dispute with the other parent of your child, Hecht & Associates, LLC, in Rockville, Maryland, is ready to help you find the right solution.

As the twig is bent, so grows the tree

A family lawyer must understand that children who are products of high-conflict divorce or litigation are at an inherent disadvantage. Understanding different approaches to insulating children from conflict and divorce altogether, while meeting their emotional and therapeutic needs along the way, is critical. Maintaining relationships with third-party professionals who can assist children going through a high-conflict divorce is very important to our practice.

When Parents Agree On What Is Best For Their Child

Sometimes, parents can agree on what they believe is best for their child or children, both for the short and long term.

There are also times when parents are aligned in what they believe is the appropriate time-sharing arrangement for their child or children between the two households. This can result in a primary residence for the children or two homes for the children where they can be loved equally by both parents on a shared basis.

Hecht & Associates will help you reach the best solution for your family. It is beyond dispute that children prosper from stability and a life that does not involve conflict between their parents. When parents put their children’s needs above their own by way of effective co-parenting and avoiding litigation, their children have a much higher rate of success. Our attorneys are ready to help.

When Parents Disagree

Parents who cannot agree on what is best for their children are not alone. In fact, many couples find themselves going through the separation and divorce process due to fundamental differences regarding the parenting of their children.

The custody litigation process is one that can be incredibly challenging for parents advocating for what is most important. The lawyer you choose will be critical throughout the litigation process.

At Hecht & Associates, we understand the needs of children who are subject to a broken household. We are ready to advocate for the best interests of children in a way that is consistent with established legal principles. This legal partner is one that can be trusted to guide each and every client through a difficult process with confidence and strength, knowing that children are most important.

How Does The Court Decide?

Some factors the court takes into consideration in custody disputes include:

  • The fitness and character of the parent seeking custody
  • The age, sex and health of the child
  • The physical, spiritual and moral well-being of the child
  • The environment and surrounds in which the child will be reared
  • The influences likely to be exerted on the child
  • Potential of maintaining natural family relations
  • Material opportunities affecting the future life of the child
  • Residences of the parents and opportunity for fair parenting time
  • Parents’ prior voluntary abandonment or surrender

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