Relentless Representation For Your Family Law Challenges

Divorce: Your Future Is At Stake

It is hard to imagine a more painful and challenging process than separation and divorce, especially when there are children with all types of needs and conflict within the home, as well as assets to support two households post-divorce.

At Hecht & Associates, LLC, in Rockville, Maryland, we understand how high the stakes really are. You have your family to protect, as well as your financial interests heading into your new future. Getting the divorce agreement right is critically important.

Where your future is concerned, there is no substitute for experience

Family law cases can be decided in two ways – an agreement can be reached between the parties, or a judge can decide the disputed issues. While an agreement is always preferred, it is not always possible. If the latter is true, it is imperative that your family lawyer is experienced and aggressive in issues relating to the exchange of information between parties and third parties. Utilizing the court’s subpoena power is also incredibly important in divorce cases when there is little-to-no trust between spouses.

Skilled Divorce Negotiators

In order to reach a comprehensive agreement with your spouse, it is necessary to have skillful negotiators on your side to advocate for your interests. Skillful negotiation involves the ability to see the global picture, extensive knowledge of the relevant law, and the recognition of the needs and objectives of both parties. In family law, effective negotiation is the application of leverage in a way that maintains a level of balance and equity.

Courtroom Experience

Unfortunately, agreements between parties when it comes to family law matters – children and finances specifically – are not always possible for a variety of reasons. This can include the reasonableness of each party and their representation, the willingness of each party to exchange relevant information, the level of conflict between the parties, differences between the parties regarding parenting and time-sharing, and each parties’ desire to protect their respective futures.

From the time that a client first walks into our office, we prepare for litigation while guiding our client’s expectations. The skillful ability to provide a presentation for the court that involves a myriad of sensitive issues is the hallmark of our practice. This means ensuring that the client is knowledgeable about the litigation process, strategizing internally and externally, attention to detail at the highest level, and an approach that demands results.

Experienced In All Areas Of Divorce Representation

Representing husbands/fathers and wives/mothers equally has also given us the ability to see things from the other perspective to gain progress for our individual clients. Our divorce representation includes issues such as:

  • Complex, high-asset property agreements, including business valuation
  • Pensions, retirement accounts, including military pensions
  • Child custody, including forensic child psychology involvement/intervention
  • Child support and spousal support financial issues

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