Initial Custody Determinations

What Are The Criteria For Determining Custody?

Whether the custody dispute is due to divorce or the parents have never been married, determining how custody will be awarded and to which parent is one of the toughest challenges the family courts must come to terms with every day.

Judges (and sometimes juries) must make decisions that may impact a child’s life forever. As family law attorneys, it is critical to make sure our clients understand the process and present the best possible case for protecting the child’s best interests.

“Understanding different approaches to insulating children from conflict and divorce altogether, while meeting their emotional and therapeutic needs along the way is critical. Maintaining relationships with third-party professionals who can assist children going through high conflict divorce is very important to our practice.” – Spencer Hecht

Guiding You Through The Process Of Determining Child Custody

At Hecht & Associates, LLC, we make it a priority to help our clients understand that custody decisions in Maryland and the Superior Court of Washington, D.C., are not made arbitrarily or always in favor of the mother. There are a variety of factors that go into the decision, including:

  • The character, reputation and fitness of the person seeking custody
  • The adaptability of the prospective custodian to the task as the primary caregiver
  • The age, sex and health of the child
  • The physical, spiritual and moral well-being of the child
  • The environment and influences the child will be exposed to
  • Any evidence of previous abandonment or abuse

This is only a partial list of the criteria the courts will use when deciding on custody disputes. It is the responsibility of the family law attorney to develop the strongest case possible on behalf of the client, but ALWAYS with the child’s best interests in mind. As experienced divorce and custody lawyers, we work with our clients and guide them through the process, then work aggressively to fight for the right decision by the court.

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