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Beyond a gray divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2023 | Divorce |

Some may have heard of the term gray divorce, which refers to spouses over the age of 50 dissolving their marriages. Several factors may contribute to older couples filing for divorce in a Maryland Family Court. Even when the process plays out amicably, lingering issues may present challenges. Taking steps to move on after a gray divorce might take effort.

After a gray divorce

Prioritizing self-care might need to be essential when dealing with the stress of postmarriage life. The challenges could be more difficult for an older person, pushing the necessity of stressing physical and mental health higher on a priority list. Everything from exercising to taking part in relaxing hobbies could aid in alleviating stress.

Some may desire to isolate themselves or lose interest in interacting with others. Such decisions could prove troubling as spending time with supportive friends and relatives may help boost one’s mood. Granted, a person may feel emotionally overwhelmed when going through a divorce. Perhaps meeting with a therapist could help address some personal issues.

Financial concerns

Financial matters may weigh heavily on the mind of someone dealing with a gray divorce. For some, switching to a single-income lifestyle might come with challenges. Others may wonder if they can live alone in the family home. Concerns about finding employment after not working for several years or seeking a career that pays more could bring worries.

Seeking an equitable distribution of assets may address some concerns about money matters and future finances. Requesting a proper amount of spousal support might also help. Spouses filing for divorce could find value in procuring a settlement that is fair to them.